International Foundation Year

Prepare for your undergraduate degree

International Foundation Year aims to fully prepare you for the challenges of degree study and help you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed at university and beyond.

What you will learn

You will study a combination of core and subject-specific modules that focus on teaching you the English language, study skills and academic areas most relevant to the degree you plan on studying at the University 

Your assessment

Our teachers will monitor your progress closely, ensuring you are on track with your studies. You will take part in exams, group projects, presentations and essays as part of your overall assessment.

Your degree at the University of Leeds

Once you complete the programme and meet all the necessary requirements, you can enter the first year of your chosen undergraduate degree at the University (via UCAS* application).

Study plan options

International Study Centre University
IELTS  Semesters
Sept to
Jan to
Apr to
June to
5.0 2 International Foundation Year
Start your degree
5.0 2 International Foundation Year