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International Foundation Year

Prepare for your degree at the University of Leeds

Why study the International Foundation Year?

This two-semester course aims to help you develop the skills you need to succeed at your undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds. Aiming to improve your basic English language skills, as well as honing your academic voice, this course is suitable for students who want a tailored, personal studying experience to introduce you to your higher education career in the UK. Our teachers work closely with students to equip you with knowledge to help you successfully enter the British higher education system.

Pathway options

Business, Law and Social Studies

The International Foundation Year in Business, Law and Social Studies will provide you with a rounded introduction to all three topics, as well as offering insight into more focused modules of your choice. A featured core module in Economics will give you the grounding to understand and develop your knowledge in your chosen modules. You will then have the opportunity to tailor your module options towards subjects such as International Relations, Accounting and Politics, to cater to your interests and solidify a clear progression degree.

Science, Engineering and Computing

The International Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Computing is designed as a versatile introduction to all three of these subjects. A core focus on Pure Mathematics will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the topic, as well as applicable skills for your further study. The chosen modular section of the course provides options of concentrated pathways such as Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, with a view to shape your degree in a way that suits you and the degree you wish to progress to.


Our teachers will monitor your progress closely, ensuring you are on track with your studies. You will take part in exams, group projects, presentations and essays as part of your overall assessment.

Your degree at the University of Leeds

Once you complete the International Foundation Year and meet all the necessary requirements, you can start the first year of your chosen undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds.

Entry requirements

English language entry requirements: Minimum of IELTS 5.0 (including 5.0 in writing)*

Academic requirements: Good high-school graduation grades, or equivalent

Age: 17+

Progression degrees and entry requirements are based on 2018 requirements and may be subject to change.

Requirements by course


Financially, you will be responsible for studies. Discover tuition fees for the International Foundation Year and other study costs on our fees page.

Study plan options

Beginning your International Foundation Year at Leeds International Study Centre in September or January will allow you to start your degree at the University of Leeds the following September. If you join our English Language Preparation programme, you will begin your studies in April or June.

Semester structure for your course

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Find out about studying your programme at the centre, what to expect from blended learning and tips for preparing to travel.

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Join us online

If you are unable to join us at the centre for the start of your programme, you can start online and join us in the UK at a later date, or study your whole programme online from home*.

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International student at the ISC

‘‘It was mainly the ranking that persuaded me to go to the University of Leeds. It is more research-based compared to other universities. When going through the research done at the University of Leeds, I was most intrigued by things which are supposed to be impossible to work on, such as EM drives, and then there was a student who worked on a robotic arm.’’

Sumay from India

Studying International Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Computing