4 reasons to study mathematics

Close up of student holding a calculator

Mathematics is an exciting and varied degree that can open up a lot of opportunities for students. The study of mathematics makes you better at solving problems. It gives you skills that you can use across other subjects and apply in many different job roles.

There are a number of reasons to study a degree in maths. Here are four of the top benefits:

Understand the world

Mathematics has its place in many industries and subjects. It impacts real world problems – as well as the solutions to those problems. From everyday tasks such as counting and shopping, to more detailed mathematical problems such as interpreting data, we use maths everywhere. A mathematics degree helps you gain a fundamental knowledge of the subject so you can contribute to the future advancements of many industries. Whether you choose a specialism within mathematics or use the knowledge you gain in another subject, the understanding of the world you develop on a maths degree can help you to succeed in whatever path you choose.

Become a problem solver

Maths is all about problem solving. Not only will you learn how to solve complex mathematical equations, but the skills you develop whilst working on mathematical functions will develop your problem-solving abilities in other ways, including:

  • Pattern spotting
  • Working backwards
  • Visualising
  • Working systematically
  • Using logical reasoning

Whether or not you choose to pursue a career in mathematics or in another industry entirely, these talents will be of value in any number of careers and situations.

Develop transferable skills

Mathematics teaches you skills that you can use in many different work and personal situations. In this way, the skills you learn on a maths degree are skills you will use throughout your life. Just some of the transferable skills that a maths degree can give you include:

  • Data analysis
  • Organisation
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Decision making

Discover excellent graduate prospects

A mathematics degree does not have to mean that you will become a professional mathematician. The knowledge and skills you will develop at university can help you find success in a wide range of fields. Many maths graduates go on to have high-earning and successful careers in computing, accounting, engineering, science, banking, and business. Mathematics is a STEM subject, which employers consider to be highly desirable subject areas when looking for employees.

Why study mathematics at Leeds International Study Centre?

If you have decided that a degree in mathematics is right for you, then a foundation course at Leeds International Study Centre for progression to the University of Leeds could be the first step on your academic journey.

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Why is mathematics important for students?

Maths provides an effective way of building mental strength and encourages logical reasoning. The understanding of maths can also help students to better grasp the theories and contents of other subjects. 

Is studying maths good for the brain?

Studying mathematical skills allows you to develop your analytical and problem-solving skills. These help you with logical thinking and to handle unfamiliar tasks with confidence. 

Is it good to study math every day?

Expanding your mathematical skills and knowledge is always a good thing and studying every day is a great way to do so. However, it is important to remember that you need to find a good work-life balance, so taking breaks is a good idea.