Leeds ISC students in a cafe

Student Stories

What Leeds International Study Centre students say

Suneet from kenya

Studied International Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Computing

Now studying Zoology at the University of Leeds

"I come from Kenya in Africa, the land of animals. I was fond of animals and dinosaurs ever since I was young. I didn’t know which to pick, zoology or veterinary sciences, but in secondary high school I decided to go with zoology. It gives me a broader chance to get a job in conservation, and you can become a park ranger. You can also go into veterinary sciences.

I had a really good time at the International Study Centre, I felt welcomed. I got a lot of help, especially from my biology tutor. She always had extra work for me. My English tutor helped me a lot as well, to improve my English skills, especially in writing.

The International Foundation Year was a year for me to open myself up and get to know different people from different places. I made more friends in one year than I ever had in school. I felt that the International Foundation Year was the best year.

I picked Leeds because the University offers a variety of field courses and placement years. It excited me because it’s something different. There is a turtle conservation project in Greece this summer, and I’m probably going to go for it."

Fadhli from indonesia

Studied International Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Computing

Now studying Geological Sciences at the University of Leeds

"As an international student I needed to know what kind of studies I’m facing, the kind of environment I’m going to. Doing an International Foundation Year helped me with that. The ISC helped me take another step towards going to university.

When I was doing my AS Levels I couldn't really understand my teacher, but at the ISC the teachers explained more to me, especially the maths teacher. I owe him so much. We went to Humber Bridge, where we applied our maths skills. We looked at the angles on which the posts are hanging, those kinds of things.

My first friend from the ISC is still my friend now. We go for dinner and we still keep in touch with each other.

At the University of Leeds we have lectures, and practicals too. We go to the Viz Lab where we look at rocks and identify their minerals. In geology we do many excursions. I've had two so far and soon I'm going on a third to Pembroke. In the summer, we are going to Scotland for two weeks. You can’t be a good geologist if you just look at books."

Elizaveta, a student at the University of Leeds

‘‘Leeds is a very good place for students because it’s nice and cosy and everything is made for students. There are plenty of beautiful places and the parks are spacious, green and wonderful.’’

Elizaveta from Russia

Studied International Foundation Year in Science, Engineering and Computing
Now studying Petroleum Engineering at the University of Leeds