Accommodation options

During your time at the Leeds International Study Centre (ISC) you can choose to either live in allocated student accommodation or arrange your own private accommodation

We strongly advise all students to secure their accommodation before arriving in the UK. This will ensure that there are no difficulties with confirming your course, at immigration or at police registration on arrival (if required).

Student accommodation

Students are advised to confirm their place at the ISC early. After you confirm your place, you will be sent instructions on how to apply for student accommodation, subject to availability. If your circumstances prevent you from confirming early and you miss accommodation deadlines, we will do all we can to help you find alternative accommodation.

Your accommodation will normally be ready the weekend before your course starts. This is also when we expect you to arrive. Exact tenancy dates will be confirmed when you secure your room – please do not arrive before your tenancy starts as your room will not be available. If you have to arrive before the start date, please ensure that you arrange your own temporary, short-term accommodation..

Late Arrivals

Allocated rooms may not be held past the start of term unless agreed in advance with the accommodation provider. Students who arrive late may incur costs or lose their original room and have to re-apply for accommodation on arrival, at which point there can be no guarantee regarding availability.

Private accommodation

For students who would like to find their own accommodation, for either long- or short-stay options, please view availability with You can choose from a range of accommodation options depending on your budget, your chosen location or the type of residence you prefer.

We are aware that there are a number of students enquiring about our ISC courses who will be under 18 at the start of their course, and who wish to arrange their own accommodation in the private sector. In these circumstances, the student will need to provide an address to the Admissions Centre before they can be confirmed on the ISC course.

Students over the age of 18 are also encouraged to provide the Admissions Centre with their private address details.